Issues identified from user tests on v1.2

Decision: Navigation bar at top has  “Resume”, “Contact”, and “Making the Shift” on the far left.
Problem: This ended up being an issue, since the blog now seemed to be the focus of the site.
Problem: This also had the effect of making the blog as important as the portfolio and resume, which it isn’t (or shouldn’t be)

Decision: Navigation bar at top had “Portfolio” to the right of my name,
Problem: The Portfolio link looked not like a homepage, but like a secondary goal.

Decision: Use the initial photo choices for the portfolio
Problem: “Field Management” font obscured the actual title; my quant sketch was, well, sketchy.

Decision: Keep the portfolio navigation links at the bottom
Problem: One respondent read these as tags, not links. Another had trouble finding the “back” button and easily navigating through the portfolio