Sample raw notes from testing v1.2

Test 1: 2/23 evening, JK respondent. Didn’t get to tests – spent more time exploring and critiquing site.

  • Navigation
    • Doesn’t explore the portfolio – goes to res/bio first
    • Move contact to farthest right
    • Move blog (lose blog?)
    • Move search bar to navbar
    • Move portfolio link to nav area
      • Rename it “experience”?
        • Stretch goal: Would be nice if “all” in the nav links took her to a list of all projects, chronologically ordered
  • Specify “PhD” not just Candidate in Resume area
  • Lose “version 1.2” in footer – or link to Current UX projects
  • Images
    • New quant picture
    • Fix font size / color
    • Very beige
    • New field mgmt pic (can’t read it easily)
    • People who aren’t me
  • Portfolio pages
    • Move nav index to top? Initially read it as tags, not nav list
    • Add dates?
    • Change up order of projects (diss is repetitive)
  • “There’s a gallery?” Add link to UX project page from blog (and from within blog) and other places it’s linked to
  • Next steps on the UX page – explanations for why the nav went here, changes and a marked-up printout of what changes need to be made