Revision list from moving v1.2 to 2.0

After reviewing the notes, I compiled a list of “critical” and “easy” fixes, as well as several “desirable” fixes that would require more thought.

  • Decision: Make Current UX Projects the top item
    • Reasoning: Commentary (like this) does a better job of showing off my process than the review of my past projects
  • Decision: Reorganize the header navbar
    • 2 out of 3 had difficulty finding it or did not use it as I’d imagined
    • Increased the size of the font and reorganized so that “resume” was farthest right and Portfolio, now renamed “Research Experience” had the top right position.
  • Decision: Content edits
    • Meaning was unclear –
      • “Doctoral Candidate” in my resume could imply that I am ABD instead of completing the degree
      • In several places, it wasn’t clear that I was part of a team on a project.
  • Decision: New pictures
    • “Field Management” proved hard to read; “Web-assisted testing” was difficult to interpret; “Quant” was messy.
    • I changed the pictures for Field Management (and renamed it) and Quant, but didn’t yet have a good idea for Web- Assisted Testing.
    •  Also upped the font size for the labels, so that they’d stand out more against the images.
  • Decision: Reorganize the UX Projects page to highlight the process
    • Less of a finding from the test, and more of a finding from running the tests: I wanted to bring this to the forefront.
  • Decision: Mention the new project
    • Although it’s not ready yet, I wanted to highlight that I’m doing something other than recursion here.
  • Decision: Reorganize projects within each skill page
    • I had put my diss first in several places, thinking to show off my strongest work. But it ended up feeling repetitive.
  • Decision: Lose the white space at the top of the Contact and Resume pages
    • 2 out of 3 lost the resume “below the fold.” As a stopgap, I moved the resume above the bio (which is less critical information)

In progress / Delayed

  • Decision: Lose the white space at the top of the Contact and Resume pages
    • Delayed implementation til I can work out the issue with the Squarespace template.
  • Decision: Give an option to show all projects on one page
    • All respondents wanted to see the full list of projects – especially since the dissertation came up a lot. But the “all” link in the index navbar takes them back to the portfolio.
    • Delaying implementation – requires a deeper redesign.
  • Decision: New pictures
    • New one needed for Web-Assisted Testing (image was not clearly conveying meaning)
  • Decision: Move the portfolio navbar to the top and rename “All”
    • “Finding the back button” proved an issue for 2 of 3
      • However, I’m not sure how to move this in this Squarespace template. Delayed implementation til I could fix this.