Script for user tests on v1.2

What we’re doing tonight is testing this site. Not you, but the site, so that I can see how people use it.

Normally I’d take a moment to say that this isn’t my work, so I’m not emotionally attached to it, so don’t worry about criticizing it  – but this is my work, of course! However, I’m more emotionally attached to the idea of improving it, and I can’t do that without criticism.

I’d like you to perform a few simple tasks on the site, and to think aloud as you do so. I won’t give you any hints or suggestions, but I may ask for more information from time to time.

Before we get started –
Can you tell me how much time you spend online in a given week?
How do you usually spend that? Work, entertainment, etc
Have you ever tested a site before?

Imagine that you’re a hiring manager for a mobile app company.
Can you think of some information you would want to see on this site?
Please try and find that information.
Where would you look for a resume?

Imagine that you are a project manager at the same mobile app company. This person is being brought in for an interview, and you’ve been tapped to start the interviews.
HR sent you a link to this site. What do you do with it?
What information do you need?
Can you find it?

Imagine you’re the same project manager, who just realized they need to know what software this person is familiar with.
Where would you look for that?

Are there places where there is too much information? Not enough?

  • What is missing?
  • How would you get in touch with this person?
  • How would you evaluate this portfolio?
  • What do the pictures convey?
  • What’s your impression of the intro texts?
  • What do you want to know more about?