Revision Analysis: From 0.1 to 1.0

Developing the initial design was a matter of learning to use Squarespace’s templates, drafting text for each section, and making several design decisions out of a “just get it on the page” mindset. For example:

  • Decision: Navigation bar at top had”Resume”, “Contact”, and “Making the Shift” on the far left.
    • Reasoning: I knew I wanted the resume and contact page to be available at all points. The blog ended up on the corner because it was low priority – and therefore last in the sequential list.
  • Decision: Navigation bar at top had “Portfolio” to the right of my name,
    • Reasoning: I parsed this as “Emily Ronald’s Portfolio” rather than a half-hidden link. Since it was the homepage, it seemed to belong here.
  • Decision: Use the initial photo choices for the portfolio
    • Reasoning: A dash of desperation – how do I represent “qualitative analysis”? – met with my beginner photo skills. They served well as placeholders, but were fairly bland.
  • Decision: Keep the navbar at the bottom
    • Reasoning: Using Squarespace’s template, this seemed like the obvious place for it – anyone scrolling through my experience could then return or move around between types of experience