Notes from version 1.0

[Entry dates from 2/7/17 and was originally on the Current UX Projects page]

Current Status – Developing the site

Although UX testing can be done at any point, and doesn’t require that the site be finished (or even begun!), I discovered that my hesitation over whether something would be “wrong in testing” was causing me to delay site creation. So I pushed ahead to have something to work with. The whole point of a draft is to be revised.

The User Profiles that I’m working with include:

  • a hiring manager who isn’t sure how or why a PhD in religion would move to User Experience
  • a team member who’s less interested in how I got here, and wants to know if I have experience with pivot tables
  • a friend of a friend who’d heard I was moving into this field and wanted to see what I was up to

My current dilemma is how to make each skill page more story-like while still ensuring that information is easily accessible.

Next steps:

  • Review Redish’s Letting Go of the Words and make content edits accordingly
  • Set up a remote test with a friend; determine tasks and script
  • Revise landing page images to be a related set