Commentary: Snow, and interruptions

Now that there’s a full draft on the site, with content in every location, the temptation to just hang it up and say DONE is quite strong. And I admit that over the last few days I’ve been doing just that.

In all fairness, the 18″ of snow we received may have had something to do with my delays as well. Reworking a design post-shoveling is difficult. But developing a to-do list is often a good way to “park on the downhill slope” – to gain momentum so that when I can devote brainspace to this, I’m ready to move on something.

  • Current list:
    • Finish Redish and make content edits
    • Consider revising information architecture based on Redish
    • Recruit a friend to do a few tests on the site – use and have them do some remote testing
    • Possible additions:
      • record a presentation of mine and upload it
      • write up the steps that went into developing this first stage, rather than just the photos in the gallery