Commentary: The first step isn’t making perfection, it’s just making.

In later posts, I’ll talk about why I’m making this shift from one type of research to another, what kind of hopes I have for UX, and how “people interacting with texts” is still the core of what I’m looking at.

For now, I’m midway through designing this site and trying to populate it with content, and it’s driving me up a wall. Every time I think I can at least try templating one thing, I rethink the decision. I’m not yet sure how to balance the needs of a user who’s just trying to figure out if I’ve used pivot tables with the needs of a user who wants more of a story about how my skills translate.

What is reassuring, however, is that one of the main purposes of this site is to be revised. If I’m going to make this site itself into one of my first UX-specific research projects, then errors aren’t major flaws to be feared – they’re flaws that will be revealed in time.

So thumbnail sketches that are squished, or the Wall O’Post-its, or worries about being too text-based, will have to serve as starting points. They’re okay to start with; not okay to end with. Onward.